The mad max chapter.

A 2 Seater Edge Products concept vehicle.

The mad max chapter.

Postby country kid » Thu Aug 25, 2011 11:14 pm

well in a strange twist of fate i met some one who has seen it (the ballistic) in its current form. walking around dowerin field day a mate introduced me to his mate who ironically makes and races monster trucks (monster mick) who happens to live 20km down the road... so after gawping at his 5 awesome trucks, we sat down had a yarn. turns out hes working on the mad max thing and there using some of his trucks and vehicles. he helped the team with the ballistic. original coach work has being binned and its had a hq or hx (i think... not to flash with old Holden makes) or something like that drop over it... they cut the body down both length and width and welded it back together over the ballistic frame. i have seen a picture of it but couldn't get it of them (copy wright or something) it looks stupid!!
haha any the funniest bit is it took the bloke i was talking to and another 4 to work out how to start it.... apparently there lots of switches.
any way any one else heard about this..?
or was i spun a tall tale?
will endeavor to get a photo of it.
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Re: The mad max chapter.

Postby Tony » Fri Aug 26, 2011 11:57 am

You are very correct.
The guy you were talking to was an Edge customer, I think him & his dad built a Piranha.
His Dad used to own Mole-craft here in Perth & then they moved onto the Monster trucks traveling around the country.
I have a picture of the Ballistic with the Holden body fitted, I think its an HR, (but I'm not allowed to show it).
Looks terrible as the wheels stick out & they have fitted some bunky 4x4 wheels to the rear.
The Ballistic was in pretty poor condition when it turned up in Broken Hill.
The current owner had left it out in the rain for so long it rusted badly.
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