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Postby Ray » Thu Jul 10, 2008 11:09 pm

The possibilitys of how to do classes and timing and the way events are run all come down to the same thing
The more buggies eralivent of motor size etc we get the more track side helpers that are needed to keep the events running smoothly
Untill we have enough voluteers to be able to time every buggy competing in the event ( at the moment we have 2 so the only times recordered are for first and second )
As well as track marshalls and recovery drivers and all the other things ppl are forgetting need to be done

The chances of changing any thing are very slim
Yea the bigger HP buggies will get split from the rest, but once again it will come at a time when there are enough numbers for them to run against each other
So rather than saying we should do this or that how about some of the ppl who are wanting to get this to a point where all the above options can be explored ( as I do ) come and do some of the volunteer work and see what has to happen before making judjment on how its happening at the moment

Yes size restraints are an issue but we all need to catch him before we worry about running it over

If any body wants to become a volunteer and take on some of the track day chores then get in touch with me and we will arrange it
You will get a token jesture for each event helped

Amhen !
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