Can I jump an Edge buggy?

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Can I jump an Edge buggy?

Postby Baboon » Sat Apr 26, 2008 1:34 pm

Yes you can jump an Edge buggy.
But the higher you jump the harder the landing will be.
Also the higher you jump the more likely you are to inflict serious damage on the buggy & yourself!

A Sidewinder will not jump as well as a Piranha or Hypersprint.
Because the Sidewinder has a one piece swing arm rear, both wheels travel up & down together.
That means the Sidewinder will see more stress in the rear axle if landing on one rear wheel.
Landing on one rear wheel is trying to twist the rear suspension.

A buggy with independent rear suspension like the Piranha or Hypersprint can absorb these impacts with greater ease as each wheel can absorb the impact independently.

Watch the Crusties movies & you will see their biggest jumps always have a decent down ramp for a landing.

On the sand dunes this is generally the downside of a large dune face.

The reason being is that you contact the down ramp first with your rear wheels, your still going downhill so the suspension compresses gradually & the machine will slowly flatten until the front makes contact.

This is the smart way to jump.

The dumb way?..... Check out Seth in the Crusties video’s, he lands on the flat & snaps the bike in two & wipes himself out.

That’s even worse in a buggy as all of the buggies weight slams into the ground, bang, all at once the suspension compresses, can bottom out & suddenly you have broken a suspension arm, mounting point or shock & your teeth are jammed into the top of your skull.

Anybody who really expects to do this & get away with it has either invested a couple of grand on each shock, (minimum) or is related to Seth.

So.....there’s a right way & a wrong way.
Anyone who rides Super cross or Moto X will tell you that you have to get that down ramp just right.
In a buggy times that advice by 10, its even more important because your packing allot more weight, & when your airborne, man your committed, you can't jump out!!.
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