What does CAD mean?

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What does CAD mean?

Postby Baboon » Sat Apr 26, 2008 1:33 pm

CAD means Computer Aided design.

The Edge have employed this system of buggy design for many years & it has helped greatly in designing an accurate & precise buggy.

The System we use is called “Solidworks” which is one of the engineering industries premier design programs.

A very powerful computer workstation is employed to help “Solidworks” generate the complex parts in quick time.

All parts are fully generated on the computer in 3D, so the part is 100% accurate in size & shape & actually looks “real” on the screen.

Parts are then put together on the computer into an assembly, an example of an assembly can be a brake caliper which is made out of many parts such as pistons, seals, alloy body, mounting bracket etc.

All of the parts that make up this caliper are individually drawn, during the assembly of the parts that make up the finished caliper it becomes obvious if the parts fit together or not.
This means faults are ironed out of design long before a drawing ever reaches the factory floor.

This caliper may then become part of a “sub-assembly” which may include items such as wheel hub, bearings, stub axles & disc rotors.

The chassis is also created as parts, each tube is a part & can be assembled & dismantled on the computer screen.

The whole buggy then becomes one big assembly, which is made up of parts & sub-assemblies.

Obviously the designer needs to know what he or she is doing to create a new design on the computer.
The Edge Products have been manufacturing Offroad Buggies since 1989 so there is a great deal of knowledge & skill to draw on to create that new innovative Buggy.

What this all means to you, the buggy builder is that the plans generated by this sophisticated CAD program are extremely detailed, accurate & show many 3D views.
This removes a lot of the guess work, parts are shown in 3D views which are real to the eye, this makes the job at hand easier to visualize.

Detailed plans make your job much easier & gives you the confidence to make the buggy accurately without the guesswork.
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