What type of paint do I use on my buggy chassis & parts?

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What type of paint do I use on my buggy chassis & parts?

Postby Baboon » Sat Apr 26, 2008 1:33 pm

By far the best surface finish for a buggy chassis is powder coating.

We have had hundreds of buggies powder coated at The Edge & if it’s applied correctly you will not find a more durable finish.

I have seen buggies painted in two pack & although the finish was excellent the durability did not match powder coat.
Two pack tends to be more brittle & chips easier from corners.

If a chassis is sandblasted, pre-heated & powder coated it will have a very tough, chip resistant, (within reason) good finish.

To increase resistance to corrosion there are things you can do before powder coating such as zinc plating, (small parts) or metal etching primers.

I have never found a need for these pre treatments if the quality of the application is good.

Sandblasting is an absolute must & I also feel the same about pre-heating the chassis before the powder is applied.

Sandblasting takes off all scale, paint & rust & brings the chassis back to an even fine grained surface.

The grainy surface helps the powder coat resin "key" onto the metal surface.

The powder coat must be applied soon after sandblasting so rust does not get a chance to form on the metal surface.

It’s best to use a powder coating company that has both of these facilities in house.

Stress greatly that the sandblasted chassis must be blown down in every nook & cranny before powder coating, with an air gun that has a water trap!!

The idea behind pre-heating the chassis is I have found that the heavier plate material obviously needs more time to get to temperature than the thinner tube material.

If pre-heating is not done the powder coat bond on the heavier material tends to be not as good as the thinner material.

Plug up any threaded holes with old bolts.

Male threads can be covered with rubber tube such as old fuel; oil & radiator hose as long as the hose is a snug fit & clean.
Don't use plastic as it will melt at oven temperatures & make a mess.
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