What are the advantages of Double “A” arm suspension?

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What are the advantages of Double “A” arm suspension?

Postby Baboon » Sat Apr 26, 2008 1:32 pm

The Double A arm rear suspension will be a little more expensive as there are more components.

One of the advantages in a double A arm is it allows the wheels to droop, (sag downwards) when the buggy is unloaded.

This means in situations of hard cornering the inside wheel will stay put on the ground when the vehicle has some body roll.

The amount of droop depends on the design, but the idea is to keep the wheel either upright or slightly into negative camber.

You never want a situation of positive camber as the wheel could tuck under.

Droop also keeps the wheels under traction on bumps & hollows.

Double A arm also has the advantage to be able to design the suspension to control the amount of negative camber during suspension movement.

Negative camber is good for a buggy, it aids in stability.

Single arm suspension moves through an arc & progressively goes further into negative camber.
Progressive camber change is also good, but with a single arm there is going to be a limit to suspension travel as the wheel will start to become horizontal.

Double A can be designed to have the amount of camber you want for the job at hand.
It’s also a stronger setup, the pivot points are spread over a larger area.

This aids in absorbing torque reactions from the drive shafts & spreading suspension forces into different areas of the chassis structure.
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