Can I use a brake bias valve in my buggy?

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Can I use a brake bias valve in my buggy?

Postby Baboon » Sat Apr 26, 2008 1:32 pm

Brake bias was designed for circuits, a track where you know every corner like the back of your hand.

So you know that corner “A” needs a number “2” setting on the bias lever & corner “D” needs a number “4” setting on the bias lever.

In that situation it works well.

If you have never been around a certain corner, you don't know how tight its going to be or the surface conditions, how then do you know what bias setting to choose?.

You can't.

Independent front & rear brakes, just like a motor cycle gives you infinite control, at a micro seconds notice.

I have thrown buggies into corners at some hell speeds with my left foot on both front & rear brake pedals together, washing off the speed very nicely, then the front starts to lock & I instantly rock my foot to the left, I am now on the rear only & using the rear to step out the tail.

During this whole process my right foot is on the gas feathering the throttle & controlling speed & the attitude of the buggy in a controlled drift.

Gearshift & clutch are both on one lever & require only one hand to operate; I have two hands free because I don't need a hand brake!

If in this situation if my front & rear brakes were interconnected I would have had no choice but to totally get off the brakes because the front was locking up, keeping on the brakes I would have no steering at all & under steer rapidly towards the outside of the corner.

I would have then been traveling too fast going into the corner with no way to wash off more speed, I would have also had to grab for that handbrake to try & get the rear to step out & point me into the corner.

It would have been a mess & I would be in the trees.

The reason why the rally cars don't run twin brake pedals is that CAMS rules do not allow it.
The rules are based on cars & that they must have a duel braking circuit on one pedal.

We overcame this on the Ballistic buggy.
We fitted our twin brake pedals but with an extra feature.
When the front pedal is applied it also applies the rear.
But when the rear pedal is applied it only operates the rear, not the front.

This way we have more controllable brakes but also comply to the rule book.
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