What type of disc brake rotors do I use on my buggy?

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What type of disc brake rotors do I use on my buggy?

Postby Baboon » Sat Apr 26, 2008 1:31 pm

Car discs are cast iron, bike discs are usually steel or stainless steel.

Car discs are totally different, you skim the surface to get rid of the hard skin that builds up & to make the disc flat again.

Cast iron car discs are also very heavy which would add excessive weight to a motorcycle engine powered buggy.

The Edge buggies run discs like a motorcycle.

Making a disc out of steel means that the steel has that "Hot worked" scale on the surface.
This scale is real hard, so hard that brake pads will not penertrate this scale & the pads tend to slide on the hard surface without getting a good bite.

So it feels like fade is happening, but it isn't.
Its that the pad cannot get a good bite & slow the disc down.
After all, brakes are about increasing the friction, not decreasing it.

If you bead blast the disc it takes off that layer of scale & brings the disc back to bare steel, now the pads will grip the surface instead of just skidding over that hard layer.

Instead of bead blasting you can also have the discs zinc plated.

The first process in zinc plating is to acid dip the part, this removes the scale.

Then the disc is zinc plated which puts a fine layer of zinc on the surface, it actually etches into the surface, not sit on the top like Chrome plating.

There is no layer to flake off.
Same as nuts & bolts, they are also zinc plated.
The brake pad will quickly wear off the zinc in the pad area, back to bare steel, but leave the rest of the disc in a corrosive free state.

Its rare to see a buggy cook its brakes, the vehicle is simply not heavy enough to do that & offroad use does not put as many demands on brakes as a street vehicle would.

We sell a new twin piston caliper which works real well, (CAL032).
The first time I tested it the rotor turned blue & the brakes faded in about 2 minutes.

That was the brake pads.

So I changed the pads to English made EBC brand that are Kevlar based.

Wow what a difference, no excessive heat build up & you could lock the back wheels with just a tap of the pedal.

No fade either as there was less heat build up.

So I went straight ahead & ordered a big batch of EBC pads.

You will see all aftermarket discs for Moto X bikes are also zinc plated steel.
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