Why does the Hypersprint have pushrod suspension?

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Why does the Hypersprint have pushrod suspension?

Postby Baboon » Sat Apr 26, 2008 1:31 pm

Pushrod suspension was first developed for Formula one race cars.

On a blacktrack race car like a Formula one car they have very little movement in the suspension & shocks.
Most of their design logic is to improve aerodynamics & a small amount of un-sprung weight reduction.

For offroad use, (as far as I am aware The Edge is the only company to explore pushrod on an offroader) we are after different things.

* Reduced shock weight, we can use a shorter stiffer shock & use the lever advantage of the bellcrank to obtain suspension travel.
* Reduced shock stroke, this means less heat generated within the shock, thus less fade.
* Shocks mounted lengthways in the chassis. Modeling & FEA has indicated at least 40% of the suspension energy is transmitted lengthways into the chassis; this means the chassis is prone to 40% less twisting force.
Since 90% of all force & energy on the chassis comes from the wheels hitting large bumps this then reduces chassis twist greatly.
* Rising rate can be built into the design.

The pushrods & bellcranks handle the load fine.
The Hypersprints rear springs are up around the 480 lb mark.

Its my opinion only, but I think for offroad use pushrod is the future.
If you have ever picked up an offroad racing shock, you will see what I mean in regards to weight.
That weight is not good for the buggies overall weight, & also terrible for un-sprung weight & suspension performance.
Also those real long shocks suffer badly from shock fade due to the huge stroke.
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