Do Edge buggies have a differential?

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Do Edge buggies have a differential?

Postby Baboon » Sat Apr 26, 2008 1:30 pm

No, none of The Edge buggies have a differential.

As far as a buggy is concerned a diff has some good & bad points.

Good points are that its easier to steer into corners at low speeds & you can install cutting brakes to get you around those really tight corners.

(Cutting brakes are a system of one disc brake per rear wheel operated by individual levers, one lever for each rear wheel)

Bad points with a diff is that traction is very compromised.

As with most diff’s, all the power ends up going to the wheel that has already broken traction.

That means you will spend a lot of time trying to dig your buggy out of the sand when its bogged up to its axles.

Its possible to correct the poor traction a diff creates with cutting brakes but which wheel is spinning?, you can't see what’s happening behind you & even if you could, trying to react that quickly when your doing 120-140 kph through a corner is near impossible.
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