What type of motor is best for the Sidewinder?

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What type of motor is best for the Sidewinder?

Postby Baboon » Sat Apr 26, 2008 1:30 pm

The Sidewinder design uses a motorcycle motor mounted along side the driver, generally on the right side of the chassis.

The reason for the side mounted design is to have the motors output sprocket line up with the rear suspension swing arm pivot point.
This means that when the suspension arm arcs up & down the chain will remain a constant tension.

A side mounted motor will un-balance a buggy if the motor is either too heavy or the motor is positioned too far away from the chassis centre line.

With this in mind a single cylinder motor is the lightest design.

So what type of single cylinder motor suits the Sidewinder best?

Four stroke single cylinder trail bike motors are the most user friendly in terms of good power to weight ratio & lots of low end torque.
Most modern trail bike motors are also fitted with electric start, this is a big bonus to the driver as once you are strapped into your buggy the last thing you want to do is un-buckle & climb out to kick the motor over again.

Two stroke Moto X bike motors are very powerful & light weight.
This type of motor in 500cc form produces a very powerful buggy, but the negative side is the intense vibration, lack of electric start & the temperamental nature of the two stroke motor.

The best models of motorcycle engine are as follows:
This is a sample of motors that are available in the secondhand market.

KLX650 Kawasaki
KLR650 Kawasaki
KLR600 Kawasaki
DR650 Suzuki
DR600 Suzuki
XT600 Yamaha
XT500 Yamaha
SR600 Yamaha
SRX660 Yamaha
660 Yamaha Raptor
XL600 Honda
XR600 Honda
XR650 Honda
NX650 Honda
FT500 Honda
Trax II
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