How to tell if the radiator is big enough to do the job?

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How to tell if the radiator is big enough to do the job?

Postby Baboon » Sat Apr 26, 2008 1:27 pm

If you live in a cool climate you may find the motorcycle radiator sufficient to keep your motor cool.
By a cool climate I mean no more than 27 degrees C, which is around 80 degrees F.

A small car radiator works very well on motorcycle powered buggies.
A radiator from a car with a capacity of around 1000cc up to 1600cc.
A radiator with dimensions of around 350x350mm, (that’s around 14”x14”).

Most late model cars have aluminium radiators which are nice & compact & are very lightweight.
Often the radiator is mounted in the car on rubber mounts.
It’s a good idea to retain the rubber mounting as this helps isolate the radiator from vibration.
Most modern radiators have built in electric thermo fans; this is also a good feature that should be retained.

Retain the motors thermostat & let the thermostat control the heat.
This way the motor can not run too cold & as long as the radiator is a sufficient size, the motor will not run too hot either.

When mounting the radiator care must be taken in its location.
If mounted high try & keep it away from the drivers head.
If the radiator is punctured with a stone or branch it could spray the driver with hot fluid.

A radiator mounted sideways alongside the motor works well.
Because you are using a car radiator the capacity to cool is very good, combined with an integrated fan air flow will still be sufficient to keep the motor cool.

Always make sure that the top of the radiator is a little higher than the motors cylinder head.
This allows air bubbles to form in the top tank of the radiator instead of the cylinder head.
If air bubble became trapped in the cylinder head hot spots can form & cause severe overheating.

Try & retain an overflow coolant bottle.
A siphon overflow bottle system helps retain coolant & recycle the coolant back to the radiator once the system cools down.
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