How do you keep an air cooled motor cool?

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How do you keep an air cooled motor cool?

Postby Baboon » Sat Apr 26, 2008 1:26 pm

Keeping an air cooled motor cool when installed in the rear of a buggy.

It is possible to keep an air cooled motors temperature down when installed behind the driver’s seat.
It will never be as ideal as a water cooled motor but as long as the ambient air temperature is not too high it can be made to work.

First modification of benefit is to fit an oil cooler.
If you install an oil cooler you can use a car Auto transmission type.
The best location is in the air flow away from sticks & branches that the buggy may brush up against.
Also mounted away from stones the wheels may flick up.

A car type thermo fan mounted in front of the engines cylinders is good for air flow at slow speeds.

Air scoops ducting air to the motors cylinders helps keep the motor cool at high speeds.

If the carburettors are re-jetted for more fuel flow this will also help keep the motors temperature down.

Try not to run an air cooled motor on days where the ambient temperature is above 35 degrees C.
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