Which side of the radiator do I mount the fan?

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Which side of the radiator do I mount the fan?

Postby Baboon » Sat Apr 26, 2008 1:25 pm

Fans work much better sucking rather than blowing.

If you mount a fan on the front of a radiator it will suck cool air, but then the air hits the radiator core & try’s to bounce back.
The air is then trying to reverse its direction & slows the fan down.
Very little of the air actually makes it through the core.

This causes cavitation of the fan & a severe lack of cooling capability.
With the fan on the back of the radiator the air is sucked through the core, the resistance the core offers loads the fan but no cavitation occurs because the air is then dumped to atmosphere.
So the fan on the back side of the radiator is drawing air right through the core.
Most radiator cores are multiple stacked, ie: two core, three core etc.
This means the entire core has air flow passing over its surface.
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