Which buggy design is right for me?

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Which buggy design is right for me?

Postby Baboon » Sat Apr 26, 2008 1:36 pm

There are a few factors involved with choosing a buggy for yourself.

1/ Are you going to make the buggy yourself from scratch?
2/ What is my $$$ budget?
3/ Where am I going to drive the buggy?
4/ What type of performance am I looking for?
5/ What skills do you have?

If your welding & fabrication skills are lacking, but your mechanical skills are OK you could either look at convincing a friend to help you weld the chassis or purchase a complete chassis or kitset.

If you are a complete novice & you want to make the buggy yourself from the ground up, the best bet is to pick a simple buggy as a first project.
This way you are not spending too much money & you get to learn how things work.
There is no point taking on too big a project & never finishing it.

If you have money but no time, purchasing a rolling kitset will save you a lot of time & ensure a good quality buggy.

Remember, performance costs money. The more work you can perform yourself the cheaper your project will be.
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