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Re: Matt's cuda build UK

Postby suparoo » Sun Apr 10, 2016 6:37 pm

I have read of people running 630 and it being very strong.

But the problem with 630 is the sprocket sizes. Because of the diameter of the rear sprocket being at its max due to the cartridge size ground clearance etc you are pretty much stuck with the diameter ratio's .

So a 14 tooth 530 is something like a 11 tooth 630 and chordal action is worse.

I think 630 is more for setups with a counter shaft where they aren't running sprockets with such big diameter differences.

Apparently if you use twin 520 chain you can get away without an outer bearing carrier on the engine output shaft. But this advise was given to me by guys who where using it in a tarmac type application.
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Re: Matt's cuda build UK

Postby matt willmett » Sun Mar 19, 2017 8:01 pm

Hey guys has been a while, currently the chain situation has died down abit, making sure when we adjust the cartridge that it is square and leaving the chain semi slack is holding out at the Moment! Not perfect but it is working! Have been through a patch of rough engine running but starting to see the light I would say, which leads me onto the next issue! We are finding that the rear wheels are getting a right battering and have noticed that some people have a strainer going to the back wheel uprights! Any chance I could get the dimensions to add them on or know where I could find them? Or have I got to try and work it out myself ;)??
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