6.5hp Honda clone motor

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6.5hp Honda clone motor

Postby dspilar » Wed Jun 12, 2013 12:00 am

Hi Guys

I wasn't really sure about where to post this but I would be very appreciative if you guys could help me out.
I have a brand new Honda clone motor brought of ebay for $135 with plans to put it into either a mini bike or a small go kart aka fun kart 3. After looking at numerous videos on youtube and my mates mini bikes and go karts I decided I wanted to modify the engine a little now before you all go and say just by a dirt bike engine I have my reasons for not doing it!!!! So my plan is to add a high flow air filter and header with shorty style muffler and re jet the carb to suite I am also thinking of removing the governor to free up the revs to around 5300rpm would this require a billet fly wheel and rod?

Could you recommend any other cost effective mods and places to buy these parts

Any help would be much appreciated
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