Barracuda Vs RZR

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Barracuda Vs RZR

Postby mph-goldcoast » Sat Oct 27, 2012 8:58 am

Had a go in a Rzr yesterday and it was boring to say the least!!!!! pretty lame and non aggresive is a good description. I think it was a 900cc, power delivery was smooth and had good traction the steering was also responsive but the WOW wasnt there. Polaris might be good on a low speed track but we dont put Hayabusa motors in our buggys for low speed do we??

The owner then had a go in my Barracuda and couldnt belive it!!! the fun factor was twice that of his Polaris he said, and I totaly agree, his mate had a go in my Barra too and he WAS gonna buy a polaris!!! NOT NOW.....

Just thought id share.
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Re: Barracuda Vs RZR

Postby matt(boily) » Sat Oct 27, 2012 12:14 pm

Good stuff. We need to get more cudas out there and give these RTV's a good run for there money. Just need to harness the power to the ground lol.
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Re: Barracuda Vs RZR

Postby Simon1 » Sun Nov 11, 2012 6:20 pm

There is a whole contingent of RZR's racing in CAMS events here in Townsville. Most of the racing is shortcourse and from what I understand, they are very compeditive. I believe they have taken outright 1st at a couple of events. Competition is not ordinary either, couple of 600HP kadco's getting around.

I have also been told that they flog the living piss out of them, and when they break, they take them back to the dealer for warranty :shock: .

That being said, there will be two cams Barracudas (if I can pull my finger out) and I'm hoping we will do OK. I will be a bit pissed if I'm slower than the RZR, even running the CBR1100xx.
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Re: Barracuda Vs RZR

Postby Tony » Sun Nov 11, 2012 9:16 pm

The RZR's main advantage is CVT drive & 4x4.
This is very much an advantage on acceleration & traction out of a corner.
The CVT will always find the best ratio to get the torque to the ground.
And combined with 4x4 they get awesome traction.
So with these features they can make use of most of the power available.
Which is not much, but 90% traction from 110 hp is better than 40% from 200 hp.

If your buggy has the typical Barracuda characteristics then you can brake later going into a corner & hold higher cornering speeds.
Due to engine braking & better cornering handling.

But you need to find more traction instead of wasting it on wheelspin.
Beadlocks, lower tyre pressure, tyre type & rear shock setup, (weight transfer) will greatly help.

And the RZR's won't keep with you on long straights.
Find their weaknesses, find your advantages & exploit them.

Interesting to note that Hamish Lawlor won the NZ Offroad championship without a diff.
When I questioned him about it he stated in his opinion it was not required.
Because the Barracuda locked rear suited his driving style.
Which is fast into & aggressive driving through a corner.
50% of their NZ race tracks are short course with tight corners.
Having said that, with a diff you may pick up a slight “turn in” advantage.
Depends on your preferred driving style.
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Re: Barracuda Vs RZR

Postby Simon1 » Sun Nov 11, 2012 10:04 pm

Thanks for that info Tony, I was aware they had 4 wheel drive but I din't know about the CVT.

Tony wrote:Depends on your preferred driving style.

Haha, I would wish I had driving style, I have only got building style. In the last 5 years I have been builing 1 & 3/4 barracudas, I reckon I have only clocked up about three hours driving, an most of that has just been piss-farting in paddocks.

I really enjoy the build, but this time I'm going to clock up some hours in the seat.

I also wish I had 200 HP, I can see an engine changeout in the future.
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Re: Barracuda Vs RZR

Postby Toddy » Thu Dec 20, 2012 2:52 pm

I find the locked up rear end suits my driving style as well, with how responsive the blackbird is you can give it a stab on the throttle and around the rear comes(probably wouldn't be able to do that with a busa though, only kidding). But each to there own i guess.
The cvt's put the power down really well, we have a couple of 500 drakarts at Torc and they mix it with big bike chain driven buggies no worries. Don't think they'd be as much fun to drive as the chain driven buggies though, but again thats up to the individual.
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Re: Barracuda Vs RZR

Postby kenrox » Fri Dec 16, 2016 9:09 pm

i have a polaris rzr 800 (was a gift, i'd opt for 1000 or turbo version), a 1100cc turbo chinese buggy and a awd zetec buggy (which i sold to the junk yard for 20cents a kg:D, keeping the engine and diffs though for my haynes roadster).
just like me my wife is a speed freak but in different terms (co-piloting) and my 7.5 year old daughter is not any different (genetics in action). so here's our thoughts on them.

polaris is really really tough and good for small offroad trips to anywhere. we've driven it in snow, mud, sand, sea, rivers, rocks, sht, minefields!, forests and etc. and it's like an unstoppable goat. it just keeps going over things relentlessly. (we even climbed a very steep hill with 6 people on it, yes we were drunk and high). it's cvt is great, it's diffs are great, it's awd system is great, it's suspension system is fair enough (although it's really good on r models)

but on the other hand, if you thinkin in racing terms. it's not fun, the cvt is not fun, steering is not fun, cornering is no where near fun and because you sit high with a battery under your ass (fuel tank under the passenger) you never get rid of the feeling that you are actually drivin a small sized truck that'll flip like fkn american burger (no it doesn't) . we've pushed that scker to it's limits and top speed is an issue. on tight corners it's extremely nimble and you can get a good exit and high speed cornering is surprisingly fair enough (it has antiroll bars).but still not anywhere nimble changing direction feels laggy. and throttle control is a little strange. also you can't really drive it rally style; it doesn't respond for example diving to the apex camber and getting out of the corner already on your racing line; it responds more like an offroader as it's american to the bone. and because it was designed on the first hand to be small utility vehicle; the r versions kind a resemble amg versions of merc suv's. and i really couldn't get the handling characteristics of it; in the hands of an offroad racer they may perform better but wouldn't bother; don't like the style. and it feels corporate and engineered in meeting rooms with the marketing people with boring faces)

and my wife's says she doesn't ever feel secure enough in it and thinks it's roll on the next corner on every fast corner and simply doesn't enjoy it. so we just use it for trips around and don't even bother getting racy with it. it just doesn't work that way. (even the rzr-r versions). but my daughter thinks it's great fun (because she actually is a 2 cms long midget:) she can feel the wind and speed and the cornering much better than us and occasional shouts "daaadddyyy this iss craaazzzzyy ffuuun".

in the end: yes it's weaknesses are exploitable so exploit them :) (and don't recommend buying one)

as for the chinese buggy;
turbo charged the engine and now it produces 130+ bhp)
it's feels fairly heavy, diffs have a nasty habit of breaking, cvt is noisy and slippy, shocks have mounts that seems are welded by a 3 year old childworker and there's brake fade and etc;
but on the other hands it corners like hell, you sit really low, steering is very direct and you can actually drive it rally style and get very aggressive it works it really works and it's a lot of fun (when it's actuall working). but because it's chinese it may decide to dis-engage awd in random times and we've ended of in corn fields, sunflower fields and wheat fields and whatever fields there is around. therefor because we don't want a to go home with a mahogany tree stickin in our asses we don't take it to forest runs ever. it's that random and scary. we occasionally push it to its limits and it feels fine.but still; because it's suspension is low and crappy you have to analyze your racing route/etappe/track before going out; when you hit a big bump or a hole it just freaks out of control so fast that you want to experience that moment again and again but only with your arms and legs attached to your body next time:). also because it's a cvt with a turbo; you are (the turbo) always spooled and have great throttle control. wife love it and trusts it only in pre-checked(!)( surfaces. the midget freaks out in it and doesn't really like it.

so my moral of the story is:

your best advantage is having the one that suits your driving style or you think that you'are happily willing to adapt to it's driving style and change accordingly. otherwise it won't be fun and rewarding and that won't make you any faster. just beg borrow and steal other peoples toys and test it. (i prefer karting style
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