sidewinder/piranha PLEASE HELP

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sidewinder/piranha PLEASE HELP

Postby tiernanl24 » Thu May 30, 2013 11:02 pm

hi im planning on purchasing plans to build a buggy in a few weeks when i finish school. My plan was to build the sidewinder because of its simple rear end setup. The problem is my friend has offered me a kaxasaki zxr750 bike thats turned into a quad with yamaha blaster parts (hubs, wheels, breaks, shocks etc...) for a very reasonable price. The problem now is that the 750 engine is too big for the sidewinder and i think the piranha will work out too dear and too long to make so heres an idea i had in mind using some realitively cheap parts that would be easily sourced to use the system with the engine in the back and do an independant rear suspension system :P heres my idea: :!: instead of using the piranha rear centre drive housing, use the axle carrier out of a quad with the axle, sprocket and disk brake left in place. I would then mount the carreier in place and cut the axle either side of the disk/sprocket to leave enough room to connect the driveshafts. i would then get the front wheels and hubs off a 4 wheel drive farm quad so that the shafts could be easily attached. i would probable make the a arms according to plan or as close to the plans as possible and then us the motorcycle forks instead of the long travel shocks. Can anyone give me advise whether or not this will work or is it just impossible. I thought about mounting the engine on top of the sidewinder swing arm but i dont want it to be like those stupid imported buggies. if it isnt going to work i think i will just look for another engine 400-500cc maybe but i like this design and im always getting hardship and problems so it would be nothing new haha. :?: :|
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