FOCA 240, 13th &14th November

FOCA 240, 13th &14th November

Postby Jet » Thu Nov 11, 2010 11:13 am

If Anybody is Free this weekend, there is a multi-club event on at Corrigin all weekend.
This is not part of the state round, but an option event designed to be a very socially orientated weekend.

They are boasting it to be one of the best tracks in Australia.
it has been raining for 24 hours, and now will be sunny and 28 over the course of the weekend, PERFECT track conditions.
The event was organised by fellow racers, So we cannot wait to see what they have in-store.
There is a very tricky gravel pit area, along with huge straights, and high speed corners. Almost comparable to a rally stage.

the Dig rite racing team will be there with the hayabusa powered Prolite, along with many big dollar buggy's.

Will make a GREAT weekend of racing.
Be great to see a few people make the effort to come have a look and join in on the fun.
Don't be afraid to approach any of the drivers and have a chat!

Here is a link to the friends of Corrigin website.

Here is a map of places to stay over night if your not keen on camping with all the racer's.

here is map for the best viewing positions.

The FOCA 240 will be staged in Corrigin, Western Australia, located 250kms E.S.E of Perth in the Central Wheatbelt Region. Corrigin is the home of the world record for the number of vehicle participation in the famous "Dog In A Ute" event.
By following the signs on the main highway (near the railway line crossing in the town site) you will arrive at the main spectator vantage point at the start/finish line, on the Southern town boundary.
A second spectator vantage point will be set up at the large gravel pit (part of the race track) a few kilometres further South. Spectators can expect to witness some spectacular off road racing at this spot.

Food and Beverages

Burgers and other light snacks will be provided at the "Start/Finish line" spectator viewing area on both Saturday and Sunday. A "sausage sizzle" and light snacks and hot/cold beverages will be provided at the "Gravel Pit" spectator viewing compound on both Saturday and Sunday.

Dine with the drivers and crews

The Friends of Corrigin Association hopes to have an evening barbecue on the Saturday night (after racing is completed), where spectators will have the opportunity to mix with the WAORRA drivers and crews. BBQ packs and salads will be available for sale at this venue.
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Re: FOCA 240, 13th &14th November

Postby Jet » Thu Nov 18, 2010 12:02 pm

2010 FOCA 240

Well what a weekend! After spending a few nights in the shed preparing the Digrite Prolite Buggy, We had eventually got everything packed onto the trailer and ready to head of!

We arrived at Corrigin at about 7 on Friday night. We unloaded the buggy in the pits, and left the setup for the next day. Had a look around and noticed quite a quality field!
Top runners including the Australian Number 3 Twin Turbo V6 Brand new Jimco of OBR, Eric Phillip’s in his V8 Twin Turbo National buggy, Ken Styles and Brad Cooper both in high HP V8 powered perfectly packaged cars. There are too many Quality Cars to name infact! Great field.

Saturday morning saw us up at dawn to set our pit area up with our many spares, tools etc. then straight over to scrutineer.

Recon was not until approximately 9am, where I jumped in the race car, and the boys all jumped in with Jason from Flatout off-road racing to check the track out.

Boy is this best track in the world! I wouldn’t of thought it to of suited the kind of buggy, Very high flowing, High speed, long straights, not may corners, practically no dangers. Just Bliss Perfect track, Except for dust, but nothings perfect!

Coming back from the lap we went straight into the prologue circuit, or should I say Balls out 5km Drag race! It was a Sprint Timed run from point A to point B, Pretty much straight line down a railway track, Tree’s either side and sweeping around here and there, few hole, ant hills and rocks to watch for, but was going to be a scary ride for sure.

Got back into pits with little wrong with the car, I’m starting to get a bit more use to this! Had to adjust the front suspension a little because it came loose, but nothing a massive wrench didn’t fix at the time.

After some nice relax time and chatting with fellow racers it was time to head out to the prologue track.

The Aim for this weekend was to back right off and drive at the buggy’s current limit and let it survive, I’ve come to find it would be great to be in a car which can take everything you throw at it, which would push my limit’s as a driver rather than having to back off, but at this stage, I was planning to push the engine driveline and rear suspension, but take it really easy on everything else.

I was going to stay calm and relaxed and not take the risk though prologue. Eventually get up to my turn and we are off.


Kept pulling gears until it wouldn’t pull any more gears, then just put the pedal down and stayed there for a couple km’s! I could feel the buggy sliding off the track in places, but had not found any spots yet which were too much of a risk.
In no time, the tree’s, bushes and rocks started to get a little blurry, and driving around the sweeping corners at that speed all of a sudden reminded me I was going to back off. So I clicked down into 5th and eased off it a little. You can see on the in car that we got the needle past the top, top being about 180km/h, not sure what we were actually doing but, as that is rear wheel speed. A stab in the dark would be maybe 160-170km/h.
I’m rather glad I did back off, unfortunately after a number of cars later, a baja buggy took a bit too much of a risk and ended up grabbing some tree’s, flipping over and catching on fire, some great photos of it, but car was a mess, and I hope the driver and navigator are now okay!

It had been decided that the field would be completely seeded because of this.

This race is two car starts. So from the start line, two cars go off at once, and you have a drag race until the first corner! Loved it.
I had been seeded in the second pair, with Mad max! Just behind OBR and Phillip’s. And in front of Ken Styles and Brad Cooper.
This really did make us rather happy! Buggy in one piece, and were sitting in 3rd outright, if I beat max off the line.

After a Nice Lunch, we got out into the race at about 3pm.

What a nervous feeling! Two car starts really are something cool of the past, Dust was a massive issue, being the car behind gets filled in and pretty much follows the whole race. This sucks, but if it ever rains at this event, it will be one I don’t think anyone will forget!

The flag drops, off the line fine, Let 1st rev a bit then short shifted to 2nd before realising it was actually pretty grippy, Luckily it managed to pull itself together and get back into rev’s and I was off, accelerating really hard, across the street crossing, though the fence and into the main track.


I was pushing real hard at this stage because I wanted to get some space in front of max, to give him a clean run and to keep to pressure off for when I back down a little.
I went a little to hard into the first corner, but pulled it off great, The sidewall’s of the rear tyres seem to be doing more braking that the middle pedal all weekend.

After a while I had caught up to some dust and tried to push though, but there was bellows of it at the only place I was making up time, corners.
At a few stage’s I had to completely stop, as I didn’t want to end up like max and putting the front end into a concrete wall at top speed from not being able to see!

Got though the first Lap fine, and into the second, started really picking up some speed, learning where not to lift, and worked out my braking from top speed only takes 60-80m! I did plough into a fence when I found out it wasn’t 50m, but luckily someone must had previously done the same thing.


Continuing on with the lap and it started to feel good, I was making sure I was backing of in the gravel pit, and other ruff area (there wasn’t much of them!) and more focusing on keeping the speed up for as long as possible.

Into the 3rd lap and was really enjoying it. Wish there were more laps! But about ¾ away around, just before the railway line straight, I started feeling a bad vibration and lack of power.

At first I thought It was a driveline bearing melting itself together, but 3 or 4 km later a big bang, and a real bad sound led to find the motor had just given up. Being 1km from the finish line for that section, and having already cooked the motor for 4km, I decided to putt over the finish line.

Ended up with a huge hole in the block, and a missing sump plug. Not very happy about that! There are no threads in the sump plug hole. So still not to sure why it decided to leave us and though all the oil out. Worst worry was I didn’t get an oil pressure warning light.

Obviously this is one of the worst things that could have happened. But we did have a ball up to here.

We are currently looking for new sponsors to support us in getting a new motor, (motor price is from 4 to 5k) If you know anybody who might be looking for coverage on a top running state car, please don’t hesitate in Contact us, 0433929518, and hopefully we can work out a way to get there money’s worth.

I would like to thank Digrite, Dad, and Ken for taking me for a quick spurt in the #44 buggy, very cool car! And everyone who has helped out this year, A Massive thanks goes to you guys. Made it all worth while!

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Re: FOCA 240, 13th &14th November

Postby candysweet » Fri Oct 09, 2015 6:00 pm

It was so good that I got a good read on this.
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