Mini Buggys at Colo Park 20th/21st

Mini Buggys at Colo Park 20th/21st

Postby Rayatswan » Mon Nov 22, 2010 6:19 am

What a dissapointing turnout at colo park on the weekend, on Saturday there were only 5 buggies running in the Demo. Looks to me like the club isn't going to get off the ground because of a lack of support, hope I am wrong.
Anyway had fun, my buggy had a problem tho, I kept bottoming out off the 2 jumps which slowed me up a fair bit as I had to back off before both to conserve my back. Then after 7 laps i had to call it quits as there was so much dirt under my pedals from scooping it up every time I bottomed I couldn't push my clutch in any more.
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Re: Mini Buggys at Colo Park 20th/21st

Postby Beelzeboss » Mon Nov 22, 2010 4:41 pm

Yes I too was quite disappointed at the turnout. I also don't really like the track much tbh. It's much, much too rough for my buggy. The rear swingarm setup can't cope with the extreme ruts and bumps. I only managed 3 laps with the engine sputtering with a clogged fuel filter before coming in absolutely covered in mud. I don't know if I'll be attending any more meets at the colo park track, it's just too rough.
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Re: Mini Buggys at Colo Park 20th/21st

Postby Jonno » Mon Nov 22, 2010 8:40 pm

I managed to get up there and have a look when the buggies were out, It looked rough. Rayatswan, You could hear the thud every time you bottomed out over the start finish line, didn't look like you were backing off, that thing flies.
I don't think my TRAX II would have gone to good (more so my back) without suspention.

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Re: Mini Buggys at Colo Park 20th/21st

Postby heyu » Mon Nov 22, 2010 10:09 pm

It was a bit hard for the mini buggies and the numbers weren't what the Sydney mini Buggy Club was hoping for but if they are able to keep momentum happening as a club there are other options on the dirt circuit at the top end of the property that would be more suited to the mini buggies but fitting into the State round of the larger buggies things were always going to be a compromise.
Next years Calendar for SORRA will include some motor Khana & Lap dash events that will be more suited to the Mini Buggies .'
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Re: Mini Buggys at Colo Park 20th/21st

Postby datsabuggy » Wed Nov 24, 2010 9:26 pm

yeah i thought more buggies would turn up for the meet.. a bit bad timing with the last round of the championships, but it was still good to have a go out there. the track was the roughest ive seen, but with the calibre of pro class buggies out there before us its easy to understand why.

anyway whilst limited time on the track i had a blast doing recovery of vehicles on the track.. getting up and close to the machines in progress without barriers, and helping out when things come unstuck.. we all have to chip into that as well . officials volunteering there time is needed to keep things running.

sundays run at lunch time for the mini buggies was alot smoother, a different section of the track incorporating parts of saturdays was used, and it was quite smooth sailing.. less mud ruts etc beelzeboss you would have been able to give ur beast a hard time around there!

so with a combination of interest, turning up at meetings, working bees, events, officialing and most of all getting out in the dirt the SMBC will move forward.

cheers, cam
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Re: Mini Buggys at Colo Park 20th/21st

Postby Mayakajohn » Mon Mar 06, 2017 6:49 pm

I'm currently reading it all as it was very good.
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