Hayabusa ECU serial numbers - I need your help!

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Hayabusa ECU serial numbers - I need your help!

Postby Camel » Mon Dec 08, 2008 10:12 pm

I'm drawing up Hayabusa wiring/ECU interface (AUD) diagrams at the moment and am finding wide and disturbing variations between models by year and models by region.

These diagrams will be posted on The Edge, its free info - so I need you to give freely!

The first bit of info I need is serial numbers. This is what I've found so far:

99-2000 Busa ECU part number is 32920-24F21 (16 bit processor)
2001 - number is 32920-24FD0 (32 bit)
02-07 - part number is 32920-24FG0 (32 bit)

E-24 (Australian Model) PN is 32920-15H00
E-33 (Calif Model) is 32920-15H20
E-03 (US Model) - Unknown but might be 32920-15H10 (I need)
E-02 (U.K. Model) - Unknown (I need)
E-28 (Canadian Model) Unknown, needed
E-19 (EU model) Unknown needed

I'm pretty sure that the above part numbers for Gen I ECUs (99-2007) are the E-24 (Australian) models. Can someone confirm these for me?

The part number is on a silver decal/sticker on the upper surface of the ECU.

The 08 (Gen II) Busa has a radically different ECU (well more wires going in and out). There are also models that do and don't have the immobiliser. If someone could confirm which of the above models have immobilisers that would help. Note that the B-King also has different part numbers.

I also need to confirm the part numbers for the 05, 06 and 07 year model ECUs (32920-24FK0) I'm finding differences in the ECU wiring even though the ECU part number is allegedly the same!

Any help would be appreciated.



(N.B - 02-07 PN should read 32920-24FGO
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