Wiring a tacho.

Need a spark. All those tedious electrics, lights, tacho, wiring harness, etc

Wiring a tacho.

Postby customwinder » Tue Jun 23, 2015 7:25 pm

Hey guys need a little help. I got a Tacho to wire up and not sure if it will work. It's a small size and on the back it has a switch with 4 , 6, 8 on the back. Obviously cylinders. The winder only has one cylinder. Is there a way of making it work? Seen a lot of buggys with monster tachs and they work. Also do I hook the wire up to the coil. Usually negative side on a car but not sure on the winder. I've read that bike tachos wire can be wrapped around the spark plug. Any help would be great fellas. :shock:
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