Help with honda wiring

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Help with honda wiring

Postby scroogy1 » Fri Aug 09, 2013 8:52 pm

I have a Honda CBR600F4 2000 that is in my formula 500. I cant seem to find any wiring diagrams that match these fully. Can someone help tell me what wires need to go where or what each wire does.

Blue Gold dash (3)
Orange Blue stripe
Yellow Blue stripe Gold dash (3)
Red Blue stripe Gold dash (1)
Green Gold dash
Blue Black stripe Gold dash (1)
Yellow White stripe Gold dash (1)
Yellow Green stripe
Black Gold dash (1)
White Yellow stipe Gold dash (2)

Yellow Black stripe Gold dash (3)
Light Green Gold dash
Green White stripe Gold dash
Pink Gold dash I’ve found out this needs to have a 85ohm resistor on it to give 9v
Yellow Gold dash (2)

(1) = Plug into spark plugs
(2) = Plug into clutch area
(3) = Plug into side of carby

3 Yellow Gold dash Plugs into alternator
Orange Blue stripe
2 Green Yellow stripe

Out of the engine
There is a lone Blue with pink stripe
Bundled Blue, Red, Brown and White
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Re: Help with honda wiring

Postby aceface » Fri Aug 09, 2013 11:12 pm

Hey m8 I'm having the same prob. I have s complete wiring diagram for my ktm 640 but it just as well be in Dutch! I'm thinking if drafting in a local auto electrician as obviously there's gonna be some difference between the way the wires go on the buggy.
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Re: Help with honda wiring

Postby 19wilson67 » Sun Aug 11, 2013 5:00 am

This may not help but it worth a shot. Here is a very basic wiring diagram i drew up to start my engine on a stand, (obv its no going to be the same as your engines, But you may get an idea where to start. Go with the basics then add from there) Also look for a haynes manual for the bike your engines came from. You may get second hand but i would get new as there the greatest mechanic manuals ever written, they hold there value in good nick and you can always sell on when finished. Failing that, Ebay for a service manual and that will have a wiring diagram inside.

Hope this helps
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