New owner with questions

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New owner with questions

Postby Liam66 » Sat Feb 27, 2010 8:38 am

Hi, I've just purchased a pre loved raven with a new 5hp b and s engine. Turns out it's a Raven.
I've got a fibreglass mini rod body that I'll be dropping over it then whens finished I'm giving it my 6 year old nephew for Christmas ( wont I be the uncle of the year)

The chassis will get stretched and narrowed to make this work- no biggie.

Two questions- is there an easy way to get big brakes onto this thing? The flaps against the tyres aproach isn't filling me with confidence, dont look they'd stop much. It has spindle mount wheels so the drive is just to one wheel-this going to be acceptable for kids in a grassy paddock? Alternatively I guess converting it to solid axle with a big disc is the next step...
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Re: New owner with questions

Postby Tony » Sat Feb 27, 2010 6:21 pm

If you convert the Raven to two wheel drive & a disc brake then the centrifugal clutch won't do the job any more.
Too much strain driving two wheels with no diff.
It will slip & burn out.
You then need to go to a CVT drive like the Fun Kart III & Trax II.
Problem is that Comet went bust last November & the CVT's are difficult to obtain.

Bolted on Aluminium pads to the Raven scrub brakes increase friction & brake performance somewhat.
I have seen rubber pads as well bonded to the paddles which work well.
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